Friday, February 5, 2016

Earthly Realities

Only hours removed from heaven,
your eyes are shut as if in intense remembering.
Your ruddy, serene, sleepy face scrunches briefly into worry,
punctuated by puppy-like whimpers.

What would I see if I could peer into
the movie screen of your mind?

Perhaps these started as glorious pre-mortal dreams—
fresh and warm memories of
thrilling celestial playgrounds,
laughter-filled discussions with grandmas and grandpas,
all-you-could-eat heavenly buffets,
ineffably warm embraces of Heavenly Parents—

All suddenly snuffed out
by wintry reminders of
what is coming—
the cold realities
of mortality.

Ah, but there I see you crack a half smile!
I'm glad you've remembered the other half—
Adam and Eve fell so you can live,
and you are here to know
tremendous joy.

Samuel B. Hislop

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