Saturday, December 26, 2015

Being There—Now

I remember the counsel of a dear brother in Christ.
'Pay attention,' he said, 'to the stages of life.
Each is a blur, and before you know it,
your little ones
will be gone.'

By the grace of God, his words stick to my heart
like my 3-year-old sometimes clings,
to me.

Our children are 6, 3 and in the womb.
Even in their youngest years, I feel
an urgency to be present—
to hug,
to play,
to tickle,
to laugh,
to cry.

Parenting cauterizes the soul from the curse of selfishness,
tattooing patterns of selflessness 
onto our Divine Image.

This is the high price of celestial sweetness—
we feed, we clothe, we bathe, we teach;
we sleep, sometimes,
we worry, frequently,
but we rejoice, always.

Samuel B. Hislop